Spot and Brand Colors

Spot colors are often used to express corporate or brand identity, a delicate issue for customers, which often makes printing spot colors a real challenge. You can master this challenge with no effort using our ORIS Color Tuner // Web proofing application which allows you to easily color-match, print and verify any spot and brand colors. The same is true for ORIS Press Matcher // Web, the powerful color management solution for digital printers.

Spot colors that are not available in any Pantone or HKS library can be measured and optimized directly in the ORIS application using a spectrophotometer connected to the computer. The software recognizes such spot colors automatically and color-matches them precisely using a separate iterative procedure – which is completely independent of CMYK process colors and therefore not affected by any subsequent calibration or color-matching process. Thus consistent spot color rendering reaches an unprecedented level of precision.

All ORIS products including ORIS Color Tuner // Web and ORIS Press Matcher // Web support CxF/X-4, the new color exchange format for spectral data. ORIS CxF Designer and ORIS CxF Toolbox make working with CxF/X-4 files easy and efficient. These tools allow you to communicate brand colors contained in a PDF/X file seamlessly and safely along the entire supply chain. This means a high level of predictability from designer to press.

Case Studies

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“Since Hirte obtained the Oris Color Tuner // Web we can now visualize countless effects already in the design phase.” – Dieter Dolezal, responsible for Technology & Development

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